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Batch Weighing Indicator

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 Batch Weighing Indicator for Weighing

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Our batch weighing indicator provides excellent assistance, and we truly believe that it is important for any industrial need. Here, you will get solutions according to your needs.

A batch weighing indicator is an important instrument structured to evaluate and show the weight of components properly. This device is crucial for batch processing, ensuring efficiency in every measurement.

Benefits of Using a Batch Weighing Indicator for Weighing:

  • The batch weigh indicator for weighing improves efficiency and decreases error. It improves the quality of the product.
  • Correct weighting is needed for managing regular production.
  • Whether you are required to weigh small or large bathers, our indicator provides the flexibility to manage different weights and components, making them perfect for industrial use.

Features of a Batch Weighing Indicator for Weighing:

  • High efficiency with clear weighing measurements .
  • Applicable to different industries, such as agriculture and manufacturing.
  • It will last for a long time for the industrial solution.

Additional Functionality Features:

  • High-accuracy ADC is utilized to have a quick reaction.
  • No mechanical levers are utilized to observe the belt load, and there is no incorrectness in that account.
  • Dual idler weight frame.
  • Belt scales.
  • Conveyor Belt Weigh G9000.
  • Good for different industries such as mining and recycling.
  • Modbus and Profibus communication is accessible as a choice.
  • BC-04 is a fully customized product depending on application and user’s requirement.
  • It controls the batch operation through Relays without printing & saving option.
  • Multiple recipes can be programmed with different set points.
  • Provision to connect 1 no weighing platform.
  • Coarse and fine feed of material can be set.
  • Provision for In-flight correction.
  • Dual Display on front panel to display current platform weight, target weight, programming parameters, alarms and total of process.
  • Operation can be fully automatic or semi automatic, as per user’s requirement.
  • 16 key front keyboard for programming and operating the batch controller.
  • Key Lock option is provided to prevent un-authorized use of the keyboard for programming or operating the system.
  • Software Calibration of the weigh platform, without changing any internal resistors for gain or dead load. The calibration process is software based using front panel keyboard and gain and dead load are set automatically by software commands.
  • Display test option is provided to check the quality status of all the segments on the display. This feature can be used to check if all the displays and indication LEDs are in order.
  • Multi level password protection for preventing accidental or un-authorized changes in calibration and other run time parameters.
  • Provision for recipe settings. The procedure allows for defining multiple recipes with each recipe containing the set points and delay for relay operations as per process requirement.
  • BC-04 with 4-20mA output is also available on demand.
  • BC-04 up-to 6 Relays and 4 Digital inputs are available as per requirement.

Use of a batch weighing indicator for weighing:

A batch weighing indicator is an important instrument in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing that is utilized properly to measure the material's weight during batching processes.


A batch weighing indicator is an instrument used to evaluate and show the weight of materials correctly during batch processing.

Weighbridge automation improves accuracy, decreases human error, and gives real-time data, improving overall operational efficiency.


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