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Analouge Indicators

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Analogue indicator for weighing

Analogue indicators are used to gain a quick overview of measurement parameters. Analogue indicators often measure electric currents, voltages and electric capacities. The measured values are simply displayed on an analogue scale.

At Weightrack India, we know the proper role of weighing in different industries. Our Analogue indicator was created to meet the highest standards of accuracy and maintenance. Whether you're controlling a Weighbridge in India, Odisha, or looking to execute Weighbridge Automation in India, our methods are customized to improve your operational productivity.

An Analogue indicator for weighing is a tool utilized to simply show weight measurement with the help of load cells. This indicator is important for giving the correct weight.

Important parts of the Digitizers indicator:

Mechanical Device:

An Analogue indicator depends on mechanical instruments such as gears and springs to change the weight into a measurable weight.

Dial or display:

The important function of an Analogue indicator is to give a visual impression of the weight measurement. The value of the weight displayed with the help of the display or dial device helps with clear measurements.

Benefits of an Analogue Indicator:

  • High efficiency helps with clear weight measurement.
  • Long-lasting effect on any type of unpleasant environment.
  • Easy to use for your industrial solutions.

Use of Analogue indicators:

An Analogue indicator is a simple device utilized in different industrial solutions. It is used to get accurate measurements of anything, including the distance between two surfaces or small amounts of component travel.

We can assure you after using this instrument it will give long-lasting benefits. If you want to know more details about this you can directly contact us to get more updates.


An Analogue indicator for weighing shows the weight evaluated by load cells, giving the best results for your needs.

Weightrack India is the best weighing manufacturer in India, Odisha with dedicated professionals to provide world-class assistance to customers.


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