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On-Board Weighing System

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Onboard Weighing System Manufacturer in India, Odisha

A proper Onboard weighing system can be placed in many vehicles and assist you in improving the productivity of the vehicle.

The LM8000 is an on-board weighing system is a new-generation weighing system structured for pay loaders and hydraulic-based loading systems, giving highly accurate weight measurements for enhanced productivity and safety in heavy vehicles, with WeightTrack India being a reliable provider.

Important Features of Onboard Weighing System:

Load cells:

Load cells for weighing are known as sensors. It is an important component to monitor the load of the vehicle. This instrument is a crucial part of the onboard weighing system and enhances the performance of the weighing system.

Weighing Indicator:

The weighing indicator collects data from the load cells. It shows weight details to the customers.

Software Interface:

The software interface is an essential part of the onboard weighing system. It assists customers in managing real-time data. It manages the weight history of the vehicle. With the help of this, the weighing process becomes very easy.

Benefits of an On-Board Weighing System:

  • It enhanced measurement efficiency for the weighing solutions of the vehicle.
  • Long-lasting, reliable weighing product.
  • It helps with the accurate loading of the vehicle.
  • It improves the satisfaction of the customers.
  • Improved safety.

Features of the onboard weighting system:

  • The most productive onboard weighing system for wheel loaders and heavy vehicles is provided by a weight rack in Odisha, India.
  • Axle weight monitoring.
  • Completely automatic without the requirement of human.
  • Reliable to use for a long duration.
  • Effective process to monitor the data.

Uses of the On-Board Road Weighing System:

It will measure the weight of the vehicle and give an alert when the truck is overloaded. WeighTrack India is the best Onboard weighing system manufacturer in India, Odisha.

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Onboard weighing is a very effective instrument for measuring the weight of the vehicle.

Load cell cancer is implemented in the weighing machine.

Weighing is utilized in many industries for various purposes, including measurement and control during the manufacturing procedure.


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