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Entry/Exit Gate Automation System

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Entry/Exit Gate Automation System

The Exit Gate Automation system are used in case of unmanned solutions. It is a flow process where the device will automate the Vehicle to exit from the mine. The device will read the Fas Tag attached with the vehicle. The device will authenticate the Fas Tag with the Server Application: - whether the vehicle is allowed to move out of mine or not. Vehicles which have completed their work and have permission to move out of mine will be allowed only. For permitted Vehicles,

the traffic light at the exit gate of mine will be green and Boom Barrier will open. The device will close the Boom Barrier and will turn the exit gate traffic light to Red once the vehicle crosses the Boom Barrier (vehicle moves out of mine). Boom Drop Sensor will be there to prevent the closing of Boom Barrier if anything is there In front of the Boom Barrier.


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