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Conveyor Belt Weighing System

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Conveyor Belt Weighing System at Best Price in India

Weightrack India is one of the leading weighbridge manufacturers in Odisha. We were established in 1999 with a clear vision to provide the most effective economic solutions in the weighing industry.

The Conveyor Belt Weigh G9000 is an excellent weighing system for in-process businesses in coal, fertilizer, chemicals, wood, pharma, food, OEM, and transport, ensuring great material flow accuracy. The Conveyor Belt Weighing System is known as the machine that evaluates the weight of the product on the moving belt. This product is an important tool for different industries for properly evaluating the weight of the product being carried on a conveyor belt.

Technical Specification of Conveyor Belt Weighing System

Design Capacity 0.5 – 25 TPH
System Accuracy 0.5% of FS (Under ideal test conditions)
Power Supply 230V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 2%, AC supply (Optional: 110V ± 10V, 50Hz ± 2%)
Input a) Load Cell - Strain gauge type
b) Proximity - DC- 24 V
Display 40 x 2 Character LCD
Load in kg/m, Totalizer in tonnes
Operating Temperature 0 – 50 ºC
Dimensions (Control panel) 280 x 300 x 250 mm (W x H x D)
Material (Control panel) Mild Steel
Usage/Application Conveyor weighing system
Features Belt weigher controller frame load cells, speedometer arrangement (Sensor and Disc,12VDC)
Country of Origin Made in India
Structure Belt converter
Package Type Box
Belt Width 14 to 48 inches
Accuracy Typically 0.1% or better but accuracy is dependent on the application (belt speed, conveyor length, etc). Consult the factory for specific applications.
Power Demands 120/220 VAC single phase, 220/440 VAC three phase, or variable speed with controller (120VAC)
Belt Speed Up to 220 ft/min
Load Cell Support (1) strain gauge/LVDT
Mass Counter-Balanced WeighBridge Yes

Important Parts:

Load cells:

Load cells are important for measuring the instruments' weight on the conveyor belt. System. Mechanical force is converted into an electrical signal, which is then utilized to calculate weight. Sensors under the conveyor belt product’s weight by measuring the power on the belt.

Speed sensor:

The equipment calculates the speed of the conveyor belt and places weight measurements with belt speed to give complete data on the product which is important for calculating material flow rates.

Conveyor Belt:

It is a belt used to transport products from one place to another place.

Conveyor Belt:

Daily evaluation and protection with test weights maintain the accuracy of the weighing systems. Protection in better ways helps the conveyor belt weighing system to last for a long time.

Conveyor Belt:
  • Lightning protector protects the electrical device of the conveyor belt weighing system.
  • It is an effective tool to protect from thunderstorms.
  • Lighting protector decreases the risk of electrical issues.
  • This device improves the protection of the weighing system.

Benefits of our Conveyor belt weighing system:

  • Weight your valuable stuff without ending production.
  • Simply combine with existing converters.
  • You can monitor your inventory.
  • Choose perfection according to your choice.
  • High-quality belt weighing solutions.
  • Affordable product with excellent technical support.
  • It has a very good ability to automate the weighing procedure.

Features of the Conveyor belt weighing system:

  • High-accuracy ADC is utilized to have a quick reaction.
  • No mechanical levers are utilized to observe the belt load, and there is no incorrectness in that account.
  • Dual idler weight frame.
  • Belt scales.
  • Conveyor Belt Weigh G9000.
  • Good for different industries such as mining and recycling.
  • Modbus and Profibus communication is accessible as a choice.

Belt scales:

The belt scale is an important factor in the regular weighing line. They are inserted under Conveyor belts, allowing the dynamic weighing of transported things. You can evaluate the quantity of raw materials. Monitor inventory status by weighing bulk products as they pass through your facility during unloading operations or leave for shipment on conveyor belt scales.

WeighTrack’s belt scale is acceptable in different ranges according to the requirement. Durable, lightweight scales are designed for tough conditions, offering precise measurements at a single or multi-station scale.

Utilization of the Conveyor-Belt weighing system:

Conveyor belt weighing is utilized in various industries; for example, in the agribusiness field, weighing-in-motion of bulk material can be utilized for monitoring grain minerals.

Weightrack India provides good-quality converter belt weighing systems for the regular weighing of materials


The conveyor belt's weight is measured by observing the force on the idler through load cells, while the material's motion is calculated using a speed sensor.

The belt scale system gives basic rate details and a complete functioning procedure including no critical and less value substances with a perfection of +1%.

A conveyor belt is usually established from a rubber or plastic combination with one or many layers of fabric or steel cable with different widths.


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