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Weigh Feeders

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Weigh Feeder Belt Manufacturers & Suppliers in India, Odisha

The Weigh Feeder is the best and most accurate for volume or weight control in burst operations. It is a durable and efficient choice for various bulk solids applications. The weigh feeder is an excellent choice for many types of bulk applications. A weigh feeder is utilized by a PC-based system to handle material flow in industries like steel and cement. It accurately controls material extraction by transforming load data into an extraction rate.

The control signal manages the motor with the help of the VF drive, and the control panel is a freestanding type made of CRCA sheet with epoxy-based paint and IP65 environmental support.

Technical Specification

Width of the Belt Depending on capacity (in mm)
Type of Conveyor Flat
Center Distance between Pulleys 2 to 3 meters
Capacity TPH Up to 2000
Types of Tension Management Screw take-up or gravity take-up
Belt Fabric Nylon
Reducer Planetary/Worm/Helical
Head Pulley and Tail Pulley Made out of standard pipe rolled out of plates with an EN8 shaft mounted on a ball bearing
Grade M 24/HR as required
System Accuracy 0.5% of F.S.
Drive AC/DC
Power Supply 230 V AC, ±10%, 50 Hz, 1
Dimensions 300 x 210 x 400
Mounting The wall
Display 4 Digit, 7 Segment, LED
Input 4-20 mA from the control panel
Weighing Idler Weighing System
Conveyor Type Belt

Important parts of the weight feeder

Control System:

The programmed logic controller (PLC) and human-machine controller (HMI) are essential in automation, regulating belt speed, and observing system performance, respectively, by receiving signals from load cells.

Feeder Machine:

The hopper holds the feeders before they are transferred to the belt, and the discharge gate controls the flow and feeding speed to maintain a steady flow.

Benefits of a Weigh Feeder:

  • It decreases the waste of raw materials.
  • It enhances the productivity of production.
  • Real-time data will be available for tracking.
  • The weigh feeder manufacturer is a custom-engineered instrument that observes applications in regular bulk propagation of solids.

Features of a weigh feeder:

  • It manages the difference in bulk materials.
  • Weigh feeders evaluated the flow of the materials.
  • The structure of the weigh feeder includes a user-friendly interface.
  • It is very simple to install.
  • It is accessible in many industries.
  • The system can accept external signals from other controllers.

Uses of a weigh feeder:

Weigh feeders are utilized in industries like steel, cement, fertilizer, and chemicals, including control panels, load cells, and AC motor-driven conveyor shafts. This assists in adding the right number of materials.

Weightrack India, in Odisha, gives the best weight feeders for your industrial needs.

Some additional features:

Integrated and automation capabilities:

The latest weigh feeders combine effectively with industrial processes and automation support. Advanced feeders assist the feeders in adapting the feed rate instinctively using real-time data.

Important Features:

  • Set points programmable from the local panel or main panel.
  • Highly reliable PLC (with an inbuilt PID algorithm) variable-speed AC drive.
  • Empty the belt correction factor to achieve the best accuracy.
  • Gravity takes time to ensure constant belt tension.
  • Scrappers to prevent belt damage and tare changes.
  • Precision-machined rollers are used to provide perfect belt runs with maximum efficiency.
  • Rubber-coated pulleys prevent belt slippage.
  • Very Sturdy and Rugged Frame Design.
  • Fully automatic zero and span calibration.

Lightning protection:

  • Lighting protectors protect the weighing feeders from lightning and thunderstorms.
  • It enhances the lifespan of the weigh feeders.
  • Protection increases the safety of this equipment.
  • Investing in a lighting protector tool is good for long-lasting effects.


The objective of weigh feeders is to measure and handle the throughput quantity of the substance.

A weight feeder operates similarly, but with a controlled belt and material feed to get a set material flow point.

A tachometer is a speed sensor that measures speed. It's a very essential tool in the weigh feeder.


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