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Batch Weighing System

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Batch weighing system manufacturer

Weigh and seal the automated batching process significantly enhanced the productivity of powder and bulk. Custom designs improve the results and manage the quality of the product well. The utilization of exact evaluation and sealing methods can remarkably decrease waste. weighTrack is the most reliable Batch weighing system manufacturer provider in India.

Automated batch-weighing systems integrate load cells with connections, relay hardware, and process control software. These systems control one or more pieces of feed equipment that deliver different ingredients to a common receiving vessel at user-defined quantities.

The batch weighing scales are used to ensure that the ingredients are weighed accurately to ensure the best quality of the end products.

Technical Specification of Batch Weighing System:

Material Plastic Shell With Touch Screen
Power DC24V
Loadcell 16 Loadcells
COM1 RS232
COM2 RS485
MOQ 1pcs
Power Supply DC24V±20%, Max. 10W.
Loadcell Excitation Voltage/Current DC5V/250mA.
16 Loadcells [350Ω] connectable.
Weighing Signal Input Range 0~12.5mV
Digital Communication Interface
COM1 [RS232] & COM2 [RS485] for connecting Host IPC/PLC and LED Remote Display.
COM [RS232] for connecting RS232 Serial Printer with Baud Rate ‘9600bps’, Parity Check ‘None’, 8 Data Bits and 1 Stop Bit.
USB1 for connecting USB mouse, downloading HMI software from U-disk and copying data to U-disk.
LAN Optional Ethernet port.
Outline Size [W×H×D] 7”: 226.5 × 163 × 36 mm
10.2”: 274 × 193 × 40 mm
Panel Cut-out Size [W×H] 7”: 215 × 152 mm
10.2”: >261 × 180 mm

Important Parts of Batch Weighing System:

Control System:

The control system manages the entire weighing process. So that you can receive proper data on weighing.

Load Cells:

Load cells are important transducers that transform weight into electrical signals, changing it into accurate measurements of the substance’s weight in a hopper.

Weighing Scale:

A weighing scale is utilized to measure the weight of the materials. It assists in managing consistency and provides top-quality production procedures by ensuring accurate measurement of the products.

Benefits of a Batch Weighing System:

  • An added benefit of the weight loss system, which includes two or more components, is improved batching speed.
  • It assists the automated procedure.
  • It gives real-time data.
  • Easily manageable for different production needs.
  • Increase the quality of the product by giving a proper and consistent mixture.

Features of the Conveyor belt weighing system:

  • Banking system process automation screen.
  • Easy Cleaning.
  • Tolerance management for proper weights and batch integrity.
  • RFID and/or barcode scanning.
  • Lot tracking and validation features.
  • Major, minor, and micro-item batching systems.
  • Bag specification and suspension terminate the requirement for bulk bags.
  • Systems, metering, operator interfaces, and powder blenders are ISO-compliant.
  • Batching of dry and liquid materials; micro, minor, and bulk ingredients.


Weighing and batching systems are utilized in the powder management system to confirm that the correct amount of material is taken and implemented.

A batch weigher works on a regular batch weighing concept in which the substance flows.

Weigh batching is mining the product's total by an accurate weight. This process is more correct and easy to examine.


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