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In-Motion Road Indicator

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In-Motion Road Indicator for Weighing

At WeighTrack India, we provide high-quality solutions for productive weighing procedures. Our recent innovation, the In-Motion Road Indicator for Weighing, transforms the way we handle weighbridge operations.

An in-motion road indicator is an advanced system created to evaluate vehicles' weight while in motion. This technology removes the requirement for heavy vehicles to stop at weighbridges, remarkably decreasing wait times.

Important parts of In-Motion Road Indicator:


The sensors are an essential part of the in-motion road indicator for weighing, as they properly detect and evaluate the weight of vehicles as they pass over the device. These sensors must be long-lasting to ensure regular and clear readings in different traffic situations.

Data Processing Unit:

The data processing unit is responsible for gathering the information from the sensors and changing it into readable data. This unit processes the raw data to determine the weight of every vehicle, ensuring that the measurements are proper and can be easily analyzed.

Communication Process:

The communication process is important for sending prepared data to the applicable authorities or monitoring systems. It helps that the information collected by the sensors and processed by the data unit is accurately sent to a central database or control center for further action.

Benefits of in-motion road indicator:

  • Improved safety decreases the requirement for the vehicle to stop.
  • Increase productivity in weight measurements.
  • It enhanced road infrastructure maintenance planning.
  • Boost data security for weight-related information.
  • It improved real-time data collection for superior traffic management.
  • It reduces the risk of overloading.

Use of an in-motion road indicator for the weighing:

The in-motion road indicator uses the latest sensors and algorithms to capture weight data as vehicles pass over it. The data is immediately prepared and recorded, giving real-time weight information without hampering traffic flow.


Yes, our technology can properly measure the weight of different types of heavy vehicles.

While weighbridge automation benefits different industries, Its importance depends on particular operational needs. We offer customized solutions to meet the particular needs of every customer. Industry.

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