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Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract

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~Service Terms & Conditions

  • This contract envisages unbroken maintenance facility for the equipment listed above.
  • This contract primarily conveys engineering services. Weightrack service engineers will make 04 visits per annum for the preventive maintenance & alignment of the equipment during the contract period including visit for re-verification to examine, test and adjust the equipment.
  • Besides preventive maintenance, Weightrack service engineers will attend to break down calls within 48 hours, after getting the information from you.
  • The maintenance contract does not cover replacement of defective parts. The spares will be provided by us in case of requirements.
  • Comprehensive Annual maintenance contract will be nullified if
    • A. The machine is damaged or malfunctioning as a result of handling of equipment by personnel other than those authorized by the company to repair or service the equipment.
    • B. There willful act of alteration in the equipment.
  • Unskilled Labor assistance will be provided by you for lifting and moving of test weights and other allied jobs, if any.
  • Required number of Test weights/ Test Wagon will be arranged by you during testing & inspection.

~Other Terms

  • We will be abiding safety and environmental rules of your company during the execution of the job.
  • We will be responsible for fulfilling the provisioning of rules under the industrial Act & regulation framed therein and amended from time to time.
  • Legal Obligation: - Any dispute or difference in executing the job, all the dispute will be jurisdiction of Bhubaneswar Court.

~Scope of Work Carried Out By M/s Weightrack During Repair and Maintenance of Weighing Systems

  • Visual Inspection of structure, arrestors, Load cell, mounting assembly, Junction box, cables.
  • Calibration rechecking of weighbridges.
  • Breakdown maintenance round the clock.
  • We will depute our service engineers for the maintenance work.
  • Checking and tightening of all Nuts, bolts check plates and anchor bolts, if required.
  • Checking all types of cables as related to the weighing systems and when required.
  • Checking of Load cell and mounting kit alignment and the adjustment of same if required.
  • Linearity checking of Load cells/Weigh rails once in a year.
  • Checking of welding of structure during capital repairs.
  • Checking the power supply of Weight Indicator.
  • Checking the input-output resistances, voltage signals of Load cell.
  • Removing and refitting of Load cell if any kind of welding is to be done in the structure.
  • Checking the Terminations of Load cell and cables at JB & Weight Indicator.
  • Leveling of Load cells.
  • We will depute our service engineers to attend the Break Down call within 24 hours.

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