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In-Motion Road Weighing System

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Road In Motion Weighbridge at Best Price in India, Odisha

A road-in-motion weighbridge can load from almost 1 to 50+ per axle. The data management unit involves software that individually records the weight of each axle.

Portable axle-weighbridges can weigh up to 120 tons. They are impactful, good, and quick to install. These benefits make them popular with operators nationwide.

Road-in-motion road weighbridges are structured to record axle weights and road axle weights. The system measures the weight of vehicles as they drive over a platform on the concrete road.

Road In-Motion Weighbridges are a dynamic weighing process that evaluates vehicle weights in motion, providing real-time monitoring on roadways or at control points.

Technical Specification of Road in Motion Weighbridge

Type Plate (MS) Duly carbon steel
Accuracy ±5% OIML Accuracy Class: 5 FSR up to speed 50 km/h
Colour Black
Capacity 120 TON
Display Type ICD
Power 230 volts
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit
Temperature IP68 Operational Temperature: -10 to +65 degrees C
Speed Normal and Wide Lane
Stationary Accuracy 0.1% FSR
Overload Capacity of the Platform 150% of Rated Capacity
Protection Class IP 68 Operational Temperature: -10 to +65°C
Vehicle Separator IR-based curtain with a minimum of 24 sensors housed in stainless steel pillars with proper scaling
Controller Housing Water/Weatherproof with anti-rust coating, IP-65 rated
Design IIT Structure Approved, CRRI Approved

Other important details:

Parameter Details
Usage/Application Weighing
Vehicle Throughput 180 vehicles per hour
Size 845 mm x 3275 mm (outer dimension)
Weighing Capacity 120 tons
Functionality Can work independently without any dependency on the toll system
In-Motion Accuracy ±5% OIML Accuracy Class: 5 FSR up to speed 50 km/h

Important points of road in-motion weighing:

High reliability:

In-motion weighbridges help vehicles be weighed while driving, decreasing delays and enhancing traffic flow.


Road-in-motion weighing is regularly used in logistics, transportation, and law enforcement to control and enforce weight limits on highways, toll stations, and industrial sites, ensuring road safety and infrastructure protection.

Benefits of Road in Motion Weighbridge:

  • Improves road safety
  • Very simple to place
  • It is perfect for determining heavy vehicles.
  • Gives real-time data
  • Save time with more benefits.

Features of the Conveyor belt weighing system:

  • It gives a proper weight calculation.
  • Reduced the difficulty in heavy traffic
  • Weighbridge assists in weighing infrastructure.
  • It supports environment-friendly practices
  • Decreases the requirement for manual weighing.
  • It's essential for the construction of new sites.
  • This is good for decreasing waste materials.
  • It protects roads from heavy materials.

Some additional features:

It helps to monitor the vehicle productively, and it is effortless to collect real-time data with perfect weighing solutions for heavy vehicles.

Proper weight measurements:

In-Motion Road Weighing System gives proper weight measurements. It uses high-quality sensors to manage the weight of the vehicle.

Installation process:

Installing an In-Motion Road Weighing System is easy. It fits well into the road system. It is very effective for the users.

Important Features:

  • Intelligent Sensor Weighs in Motions.
  • Speed up to a maximum of 60 km.
  • 6-hour installation.
  • Minimum civil installation.
  • Preventive support: 30 minutes.
  • Most economical replacement.
  • Optional Alibi: Vehicle Height, Width, Tyre Counter.

Lightning protection:

  • A lightning protector helps protect the weighing system from thunderstorms.
  • It provides reliable protection with high capacity.
  • It is completely safe for the road weighing process.
  • It helps the weighing process last for a long time.

WeighTrack India, as a manufacturer, provides the best road-in-motion weighbridge product in Odisha. Our weighbridge manufacturer company is the leading manufacturer company engaged in weighing automation activity.


The maximum capacity of a weighbridge is generally between 20 to 200 tons.

You can choose WeighTrack India pvt ltd to get the best road-in-motion weighbridge product in Odisha.


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